PMJS Herd Book Registration Application Fee


This is the payment for the application for PMJS Registration and Certificate. Membership in PMJS is required to register cattle in the PMJS Herd Book.

Purebred Mini Jersey Society is an OPEN Herd Book. This means, if your Mini Jersey meets the requirements, even if they, their sire or dam, were never registered, you may apply for registration once you have obtained a BBR test of 85+ for Mini Jerseys of all ages. PMJS will determine the correct level of registration, either Gold, Silver, or Bronze for adult cattle or Black for cattle under 3 years old.

​Cattle applying for Registration must conform to Breed Standardand Policies. Please, contact us if you need help to determine eligibility.

FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION FORM with payment of the fee for the research process to begin for registration.


  • Color photos of the full left side and the full right side
  • Breed Based Representation (BBR) blue Genomic Report from AJCA, obtained through
  • Genomic Inbreeding less than 12.5%, found on the AJCA Genomic Report
  • Negative Bulldog Dwarfism Dexter Chondrodysplasia testfor all Mini Jerseys, either a copy of testing from both parents or for the animal submitted.
  • Verified Height for animals over 3 years old, witnessed by a third-party
  • Verified Parentage, AJCA will automatically verify parentage when you order genomics (BBR is included) if the parents were DNA mapped through AJCA. Otherwise, parentage can be verified at UC Davis – VGL if the parents were DNA mapped through UC Davis or can be at the time of testing.


FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION FORM with payment of the fee for the research process to begin for registration.

SUBMIT questions or documentation to

A true miniaturized Jersey is at or a little under 42″ and BBR94+. These Purebred Mini Jerseys receive a Gold Ribbon Registration. A Silver Mini Jersey is expected to produce Gold calves when bred to Gold Registered Mini Jerseys. Silver is for BBR90 – 93 and at or below 44″. Silver is expected to be generation away from Gold when bred to Gold. Bronze is within 2 generations of being Gold. Bronze are up to 45″ and/or BR85 – 89.

Black Registrations expire 90 days after the third birthday. Once the age of 3 is reached the Certificate must be mailed back and it can be upgraded for FREE to Gold, Silver or Bronze with a Height Verification Form certifying a height at or below 45″. For cows or heifers that are over 45″ but under 48″ a Verified Breeding Stock Certificate will be issued. No refunds are given for cattle that grow over 45″ by their third birthday.


FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION FORM with payment of the fee for the research process to begin for registration.

​​Purebred Mini Jersey Society, LLC, reserves the Right to Refuse Service at any time. Any Member found to be falsifying Registration, Recording or Certification information will have their Membership revoked and ALL Certificates issued to them for ALL cattle bred or Registered by them may be suspended and found null and void. No refunds will be issued for revoked Memberships or voided Registrations or Certificates. All information provided to Purebred Mini Jersey Society, LLC, may be used by the Society for marketing in print or social media.

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