Why Become a Member?

Membership Pays!

TDH Dino Smurf, BBR100 GT45K

Gain online access to records of Mini Jersey bulls known to improve purity, support in prioritizing your breeding goals, access to pooled genomic data, and educational materials.  The online pedigrees have pictures and ​genetic information.  Details are confirmed for you and reported as “verified” if documented proof has been provided to the Purebred Mini Jersey Society. ​

Your future calves will be worth more and invaluable to the future of Purebred Mini Jerseys.

The value of your Membership grows with new cattle and data being added constantly.  It’s an investment in your herd. Learn to test for more than traits like A2 and Polled. Genomic Performance Reports contain DNA details to apply to your herd, like deciding which cows to retain and selecting a sire that will improve the traits of the next generation.  Network with other breeders looking to breed pure Mini Jerseys. 

What Purebred Mini Jersey Society Offers:

Online Records
​Open Herd Book
​Genomic Purity Certification
AI Services List
​Added Value


Lifetime Membership – SALE $175 – 6/6/24-6/13/24

Original Annual Membership or Late Renewal – $35

  • Access 24/7 to the online Purebred Herd Book
  • Membership is required for registration
  • ​​Listed in the Member Directory
  • Special discounts with affiliates

Annual Membership Renewal – $25

  • For renewal without a lapse in Membership
  • ​​One year will be added to the end of the previous Membership term
  • Access 24/7 to the online Purebred Herd Book
  • Membership is required for registration, including Dual Registration $10 special
  • Listed in the Member Directory
  • Expired Memberships renew at full Annual Membership rate


​​​New Registration – $15

New Black Registration – $15

  • For those not previously registered with PMJS and under 3 years old
  • Must meet requirements outlined on the New Registration page
  • Permanent registration upgrade from Black to Gold, Silver, or Bronze included for FREE if requirements are met
  • Height Verification Form will be required at 3 years old
  • Black certificates expire 90 days after the third birthday, Lifetime Members have an additional 30 days
  • Parental Verification is required for Purebred Mini Jerseys born in 2020 or later

Verified Breeding Stock Certificate – $10

A permanent ROSE GOLD Certificate is awarded for PMJS Verified Breeding Stock with a waiver for either height or purity:

  • Over three years old
  • Conforms to Breed Standard
  • Height Verification Form
  • Proof of BBR80-84 with a waiver for purity (must be under 45″ in height)​
  • Mature height of 48″ or less with a waiver for height (must be BBR85-100)
  • ​Must meet requirements outlined on the New Registration page
  • Parental Verification DNA match may be required
  • These animals are not registered with PMJS but establish a new bloodline that will be used in a Purebred Mini Jersey breeding program.  
  • Bulls are not eligible for Verified Breeding Stock Certification.

Other Services

Replacement Certificates – $10

  • Lost or damaged
  • ​Lifetime Members get one FREE per Membership, per Lifetime

Transfer – $10 for Members

  • Transfer after the sale is the seller’s responsibility within 90 days of the sale
  • Buyers may request a Transfer and a replacement certificate for a fee of $10 if the Seller doesn’t transfer within 90 days.  A PMJS Membership is required, as is a Bill of Sale, copy of the contract, Health Certificate for travel, or other proof of purchase.