Body Condition Scoring

Presented by Sarah Burton, Sabbaticus Farm Class Resources Replay

Buying & Selling Mini Jerseys

Class Resources Article: Buying & Selling Stock Blog Post: My Mini Jersey Buying Experience Class Handout: Coming Soon! Replay Presented by: Lorinda Barnes, North Woods Homestead

All About AI Breeding

Breeding by Artificial Insemination is easier and safer than keeping a bull on most family farms and homesteads. Learn where to find an AI Tech, how to order Purebred Mini Jersey straws, storage, expenses, what to expect when the AI Tech shows up, how to help a pregnancy result, pitfalls, and options for pregnancy testing. […]

Decoding a Genomics Report

Genomics has been used by Jersey breeders since 2007. Learn how to read the acronyms and have definitions for the unfamiliar terms. An understanding of the Genomic Evaluation Report will help you utilize genomics for apple-to-apple comparisons, read bull stats, determine your breeding goals, and decide who your best cattle are before they're in milk. Presented […]

Answers About Mini Jerseys for Beginners

Open to the public! Bring all your questions about getting started with Mini Jersey cattle and get answers from the PMJS Board Members. Email your questions to by 6/18/2024. Presented by: Purebred Mini Jersey Society Board Members