FREE Black Registration Certificate – 1 annually for Lifetime Members

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This Black Registration Certificate is for LIFETIME MEMBERS to order their FREE ANNUAL BLACK REGISTRATION for previously unregistered Mini Jerseys under 3 years old. Once the age of 3 is reached the certificate can be upgraded for FREE to Gold, Silver, or Bronze with a Height Verification Form certifying a height at or below 45″.

Starting in 2020, calves are expected to be registered by 90 days old (120 for Lifetime Members) and Parental Verification will be required.

​Cattle applying for Registration must conform to Breed Standardand Policies. Please, contact us to help you determine eligibility.

This Registration requires a full-body color picture, Breed Based Representation (BBR), and proof of Negative Dexter Cattle Bulldog Dwarfism/Chondro testing*for all Mini Jerseys within 30 days of application and before a Certificate will be mailed. Either a copy of testing from both parents or a copy of testing can be provided for the animal being recorded.  Purebred Mini Jersey Society may require BD2 or Miniature Zebu Dwarfism testing at our discretion. Results may be emailed to The BBR must be 85+.

To determine a bull’s BBR his daughter and her dam may be profiled and his BBR and influence assumed. Bulls need to submit Non-Chondro results. Igenity BASIC testing is encouraged. Test results can be emailed to

Black Registrations expire 90 days after the third birthday. The Black Registration will be sent to PMJS at 3 years old with the Height Verification Form. A Gold, Silver, or Bronze Registration will be returned if the adult height is certified to be 45″ or less. No refunds are given for cattle that grow over 45″ by their third birthday.

A true Mini Jersey is 42″ and BBR94+ and receives a Gold Ribbon Registration. A Silver Mini Jersey is expected to produce Gold calves when bred to Gold Registered Mini Jerseys. Silver is for BBR90 – 93 and at or below 44″. A Silver is one generation away from Gold.

A Bronze is within 2 generations of Gold. When bred to Gold the offspring is expected to be Silver. A Bronze must be at least BBR85 – 89. The height may be up to 45″.

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