How to Measure a Mini Jersey


Measurement is Critical, But Not Difficult to Do

To measure your cow you will place the tape measure on the ground at the Hip Bone.  Hold a Level resting on the top of the Hip and touching the tape measure.  Once the Level is level you have your height.  You will take the number level to the top of the bone by half inch measures.  If in doubt, round up half an inch.

For a 3 year old height certification you can have your Vet, AI Tech, or a PMJS Member observe a measurement.  Another Member can verify for you but they are putting all their registrations on the line to do so.  If a measurement is ever found to be falsified all the animals for both herds will be suspended, pending new measurements.

Jersey Type Classification Guide

Another type of measuring is Linear Scoring.  This assesses the animal and all the attributes they have.  We do not yet offer this service but you can perform it for yourself.  This is a good practice to train your eye to see what to look for when assessing a Mini Jersey.  A Mini will not score like a full-size Jersey, so keep that in mind.

“​The precise description of each trait is well defined and it is essential that the full range of linear scores to identify the intermediate and extremes of each trait be used. It is important to ensure you view the animal from all angles, considering the suggested reference points, to gain a rounded view of the animal’s traits.”