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Should you get a Jersey cow?

​Hi!  I’m Becky, the co-owner of Mini Mosaic Acres and PMJS Lifetime Charter Member.  I’ve had a milk cow for as long as I can remember, a Jersey specifically.  I have a large family and our milk cow contributes to our homestead in so many ways more than only proving a daily supply of fresh milk.  I know they’re not the right choice for every farm, as they require their owners to be home every single day to feed, water, and milk, but if you don’t mind that… they’re my number one choice for the most useful homestead ​animal.

One dairy cow has the ability to produce milk, cream, butter, cheeses, yogurt, meat from her offspring, animal feed through the excess milk, income from the sale of her offspring, and occasionally, we’ve used them for lawn mowers.  Her manure makes great fertilizer for the garden and pasture, nourishing the soil with nutrients and bacteria.  Our children have learned so much more than just responsibility.

“A Jersey is my number one choice for the most useful homestead ​animal.”

Over the years, our family cow has paid for her feed through the sale of her milk.  She’s raised other calves in addition to her own and her milk has even raised other animals.  A sweet family cow is a great friend, reading buddy, stress reliever, and you wouldn’t believe their ability to listen.  If you ever hear of me living life without a Jersey, be worried.  You might need to check in on me!

If you’re wondering is a Jersey milk cow is for you, consider:

  • Do you like being home 365 days a year?
  • Do you have pasture, shelter, and secure fencing? 
  • Are you able to maintain them?
  • Are you committed to care for her needs regardless of rain, snow, ice, smoke, or heat?
  • Do late night checks on an expectant cow sound like fun?
  • Can you afford to purchase feed in a drought and hire a veterinarian or hoof trimmer for an emergency?​

If you can answer yes to those, you might be ready for a Jersey cow of your own!

Happy Homesteading, 
Becky, PMJS Lifetime Member

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