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Long Time Coming

When I started refining my breeding goals it was always with the assumption that everyone was breeding Mini Jerseys to be miniaturized Jerseys.  What else could “Mini Jersey” mean?

​Many bought Mini Jerseys thinking they were getting little Jerseys with all the traits that breed is known for.  They WANT miniaturized Jerseys but it turned out I was one of very few breeding them to be purebred.  Many, MANY people asked if I would start a Registry and teach others to reduce stature and increase Jersey purity.  I’ve been saying “no” since 2014.  We already had several registries and I didn’t see the point, until I did.

As I applied the scientific tests available I realized it was basically uncharted territory.  The companies supplying the technology weren’t working with other Mini Jerseys breeders.  My herd were the guinea pigs and I had to be the one to try things and learn from my mistakes.  It’s been complicated at times.  But, as I learned a way through, I openly shared what I was learning with others interested in purity.

When BBR became a THING there was a lot of resistance.  Some said they didn’t want Mini JERSEYS, just small milk-able cows.  Others suggested Mini Jerseys were intended to be crossbred cattle and the Foundation animals weren’t 100% Jersey either.  Many privately messaged for directions to obtain BBR but didn’t want to be public about their curiosity.  Admittedly, they were concerned they didn’t have stock as pure as they were led to believe.  Some have been pleasantly surprised.  So, where does that leave us?  Either way, we all have to start where we are.

​​If we’re ever going to get past the stigma of being small crossbred cattle and a fad we’re going to have to utilize DNA science to identify purer cattle and breed for quality, maximizing the Jersey traits in our Mini Jerseys.  In the past 30 years, and untold number of generations, this has yet to be been done.  With the science available and affordable, what’s stopping you?

If you want to know HOW, you’re in the right place and among friends.  I KNOW it’s scary to go a new way.  I promise you, its where the market is headed.  People resisted A2 and are now breeding to only A2/A2 bulls.  So, if you can take a leap of faith, you will be one of those leading the way.  Or, you can wait and play catch up.  What have you got to lose??

​Lorinda, PMJS President

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Lorinda Barnes, PMJS President, North Woods Homestead, ID has written 7 posts.

Lorinda and her husband, Lance, own North Woods Homestead, in Idaho. Wanting to know where their food was coming from, they bought two bred Jersey cows in 2012 and dreamt of Spring calves and fresh Raw Milk for their family. The dream expanded into a passion for pure little Jerseys. Lorinda and her family homestead on 60 acres in the northern Rocky Mountains. They produce grass hay for their growing herd of Purebred Mini Jerseys. She’s a Master Gardener, cans their harvest, breeds rare Salmon Faverolles chickens and of course, makes lots of dairy products. Lorinda is the Fundraising Chairperson on the Board of Directors for the non-profit, National Ladies Homestead Gathering. She’s the founder of PMJS and a leading voice in utilizing genomics and DNA for breeding Purebred Mini Jerseys.

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