We Buy Artificial Insemination Straws

We Buy Artificial Insemination Straws

PMJS Buys Straws

It’s our intention to test as many Mini Jersey bulls as possible for BBR, enabling us to share the purest of genetics where it will do the most good.  If you have straws to sell, we’d be interested in knowing more about them.  Members are also encouraged to sell Purebred Mini Jersey straws through the PMJS Cattle Market.

AI Straw Codes

AI straws all have a code that tells as much detailed info as a UPC.  If you’re wondering where the straws you bought were collected you can use the National Association of Animal Breeders database  that provides the names of Cross Reference Program participants sorted by the NAAB Marketing Code number.  Numbers 1-499 are also Stud Code numbers.  Numbers 500-999 are NAAB Marketing Code numbers only. 

Further research can be done into pedigrees using the various databases.